The High Frame Rate Television Discussion Thread

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The High Frame Rate Television Discussion Thread

Post by 007 on Wed 14 Oct 2009, 05:35

The BBC has published a white paper on the advantages of high frame rate television (eg. 100 fps or higher).

The BBC white paper is at:

The paper basically says that by increasing the spatial resolution of television (ie. with HDTVs there's more pixels on the TV than with standard definition), but not also increasing the frame rate, that you're getting lower quality than you could have, because whenever anything moves, it will just blur more pixels so you aren't really getting higher resolution (or if they increase the shutter speed it will just strobe more and look a lot worse on current TVs). The paper also says that recording at a higher frame rate will also mean that even if you broadcast or display it at a lower frame rate, that you'll still get higher quality - eg. it's basically "temporal oversampling".


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