What is the best & cheapest multi-region Blu-ray player?

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What is the best & cheapest multi-region Blu-ray player?

Post by ChrisJ on Fri 16 Oct 2009, 01:10

Does anyone know what is the best and cheapest multi-region Blu-ray player in the UK? ie. multi-region for DVD and hopefully Blu-ray discs too? I've looked at the Panasonic and Pionneer ones on multiregionmagic (http://www.mrmdvd.com) but they're really expensive, one is double the price as the same model on Amazon UK. I'd like one with an info or a display option that shows everything about the codecs and bitrates, and was very good at upconverting, de-interlacing, and with very good picture quality and picture adjustment controls- like I think the newest Panasonic and Pioneer ones but cheaper if poss.
Thanks in advance.


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