European Titles and compatibility with US PS3

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European Titles and compatibility with US PS3 Empty European Titles and compatibility with US PS3

Post by 007 on Thu 15 Oct 2009, 02:19

Due to region coding, some European titles will not be compatible with the US Playstation 3. Due to Sony not implementing compatibility with Europe's TV frame rates, the US PS3 and Sony players in the USA will not be compatible with some European titles even if they are region free. This is the reason why unfortunately some European TV Blu-ray titles get released at the incorrect rate of 60hz (incorrect for European TV releases).

To see a list of titles and their compatibility with US PS3/US Sony players, see:

These are titles with 50hz content that the US PS3 won't be able to play, but the US Samsung and other players will.

Blu-ray Titles with 50hz content:
Brick (UK release). Main Feature=1080/50i
City Rats (UK release). Main Feature=1080/50i
Death Sentence (UK release). Main Feature=1080/50i
Earth (2007) (UK release). Main Feature=24p, Making of documentary and Interviews are 576/50i
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (German Release). Extras are in 576/50i
Female Agents (UK release). Extras are in 576/50i
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. Exras are in 576/50i
Life (UK release). Encoded at 1080/50i
Nature's Great Events (UK release). Encoded at 1080/50i
Oasis - Lord Don't Slow Me Down [2006] (UK release)
The Beyond (Seven Doors of Death)
Tiesto - Elements of Life World Tour (UK release).
Wallace and Gromit - A Matter of Loaf and Death. Main Feature=1080/50i


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